Charlotte Firefighters’ Retirement System

Charlotte Firefighters’ Retirement System was established by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina on April 5, 1947 to provide retirement and disability benefits to the uniformed employees of the Charlotte Fire Department. 

The System currently provides benefits for over 800 retired or disabled firefighters and their beneficiaries. Over 1,100 active firefighters participate in the System and will receive benefits in the future. 

The System is governed by an eleven member board of trustees and managed by the pension administrator. System assets are professionally managed in a diversified portfolio overseen by the board of trustees.  Profiles of board members are included under the Trustees tab.

If you are interested in additional information regarding the operating, funding and resources of the System, please refer to the Annual Financial Report listed on the Reports tab..

A Component Unit of the City of Charlotte, North Carolina

Where to Write for Information
Charlotte Firefighters’ Retirement System
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